Just wrapped up another course on Lynda. This time it was about dynamically creating a 2D RPG map with the ability to adjust settings of how the map is configured. All around, really good stuff. Discovered a whole concept in game development I was unaware of (impressive considering my degree is in Game Dev and Design, and I have been a hobby game creator for the past decade), which is the concepts of Bitmasking and Auto-Tiling. In any case, super excited to have this one under my belt as dynamic map creation has always been one of those “I will get to it someday”.

Next up is going to be a book on Ouya and Unity development. My goal is to be able to take the game from the 2D Platformer course I completed and port it onto the Ouya with some of my own art assets. Which seems like a noble effort. Truth be told, videos are harder to do with how I have been programming and books are easier to knock out, which is simply because I read / program in bed as my wife is reading and videos separate me from the room a little too much.

Back to the actual title of this post, our second sprint of the 30 day GitHub challenge is coming to an end. I roped in 53 other people to participate in the challenge and all around, its been an awesome experience bringing others into the fold. On Tuesday we bring it to a close and then start again a week later. The dream is to have 100 people on board in the next round. I only I mention this, is that if you need a great motivator, the challenge has been the perfect accountability measure for learning. Trust a guy who is two months in at this point (check out my GitHub profile and notice the wave of green taking over).

I will release all of the stats on Wednesday from our second sprint. Until then, I’m off to tackle some small console development!