Sprint #1 of the Prime Academy 30 day challenge came to an end last week. As a group of 54 people, we made 1086 commits to GitHub that were focused on learning, had 12 people finish with 100% (at least 1 commit each day), and averaged a 68% success rate. Overall, I was happy with how the challenge launched. I surveyed the group and every single person who responded said that the the challenge was worth it.

We actually began another round this week, this time with 78 people on board. We have come out of the gate strong with and average of a 91% success rate thus far. We introduced the concept of teams, which seems to be creating more traction than those who are not on a team. With teams, Captains have been installed as Team Leads. Captainship is only extended to those who have completed the challenge at 100%, creating a bit of Prestige around the role.

All in all, the challenge has been awesome. For me personally, the challenge has got me jump started again into learning technologies that I have loved interacting with in the past. I feel way more connected with what my future could look like and I feel like the challenge has given people hope. Not to get overly sappy about it, I am just happy that such a simple structure has given people the feeling that they control their future.


On that note, I completed another course. It was the second in the map generation series, this time allowing a character to move around the generated map with a Fog of War. There is a 3rd in the series, which covers RPG turn based combat, but before I hop into that, I am hoping to better understand the one that I just completed. Additionally, there is one course that I recommended that others learning Unity check out, but I myself have not completed it. So at the moment, I am knocking out an endless runner game.

Finally, I have started to make the transition to Write in my educational methodology, and started re-creating some old Flash games I made in the past. Definitely feels uncomfortable making the jump, which totally means its the right thing to do.