So it’s been a little bit. But know that I have been busy in a good way. I have been knocking out the Lynda course ‘Advanced Unity 2D: Platform Player Movement‘ by Jesse Freeman. It was a SUPER solid course, and I am VERY happy that I took the time to go through it. It is very rich in content and definitely requires that you pay attention, stop and replay if you are not getting a concept.

The course covers 2D platformer physics in a way that is scalable, customizable, and control agnostic. Meaning that you could easily cut the controls many different ways (PC, Mobile, or Console Controller). It is completely behavior driven which means that there is the ability to drag and drop components on any game element if you want to. All around, what I took from the class was a solid understanding of behavior driven development as well as how to finagle the animation systems.

It also gave me a chance to tinker with other concepts like the camera controls to get a smooth camera follow on the character. Next steps would be to go ahead and replace the art and add in some addition features like melee actions and enemies. All in all, I am a little sad because there would be SO many logical next steps for this course and not continuing in this structure means that I need to kind of decide for myself. Not that this is a terrible thing, but not having to self direct to the ‘next step’ is always a little freeing when you are in learning mode.

Next up is one of Jesse’s other courses. There are a couple options, but I wanted to get this recap out of my head before thinking about what’s next. I do have an Ouya / Unity book I plan on leveraging to pull everything together by the end of the next 30 days. Thanks for reading, the next time should not be 2-3 weeks, as this course was ~4 hours of content where as the others I believe are only 30 mins – 2 hours.