I figured I should check in as I knocked out a couple more chapters and thus, a couple more games. In the process, learned a ton about User Interface construction in Unity. Additionally, I started to get a ton of ideas on how I can start to practice my new found skills. My concern is that I am following a ton from the books and need to start actually making my own games to solidify what I know. But to recap, I wanted to quick chat about the couple games I made from the books.

The first one kind of blew my mind. As a life long gamer and someone who has a degree in Game Development, I was unaware of the Idle Game genre. The Author of the book introduced the game Cookie Clicker to me. I was hooked within minutes, then got about five more people hooked via social media. Once I kind of got over it, I knocked out the game. Which was a deep dive in some more complex interfaces. Total riot. Loved every minute of it. (Note: Currently hooked on another idle game for mobile called Adventure Capitalist)

The next game was a clone of Flappy Bird. Nothing super ground breaking here, although it did make me aware of a couple Collider 2D methods I was unaware of. Additionally, it had a couple quick little processes for getting animated sprites which is awesome. I still want to get back to the idea of whipping up pixel art characters and getting them in a game. The whole idea is to get better with pixel art, specifically with animations.

In any case, thats my update. Back to work.