Still hot at the challenge. I was able to know out two more games. One was a basic ‘shooting gallery’ game, and another was a very basic 2d platformer. There was a VERY valuable lesson learned in this past round, and it is this: “Do not add your game controller script to more than 1 object”.

This ended up being an unbelievable pain in the ass. A little explanation, the “Game Controller” is the governing set of logic for the game. It also acts as a bridge between the view (what is seen in the game, such as User Interface elements) and the logic. It requires that you hook together what is going between the two. It is suppose to be a singular thing, but in Unity, you can add scripts to whatever you would like. But in the case of a game controller, you add it to an ’empty object’, or object that has no visual component to it.

BUT, at some point in the development process of the shooting gallery game, I accidentally put one of those on a piece of background in addition to the main game controller empty. As a result, my game was freaking out saying I did not hook up pieces. Looked through my code, hook ups, and so on, over and over. Then, after a couple of hours of thinking about it, it occurred to my why I was getting those errors.

I have been doing development for years, and this is one of those problems that you run into all the time. One of those that with experience, become a couple second fix, rather than a multi hour fix.

The other game, which was a basic 2d platformer was really straight forward with my background. Platformer physics was the main topic and one that I am super familiar with. Admittedly, this part of the book was only ‘OK’ at best. I think this Lynda course will scratch the itch for some advanced platforming concepts.

Finally, worth noting, is that Allegorithmic was running a summer sale, and I was able to pick up Substance Designer, Substance Painter, and Substance B2M on the cheap. While 3D is not the focus, it is a proficient I would like to bolster back up. When it makes sense, I will probably issue myself a similar challenge to ramp back into 3D work. More updates to come. Thanks for reading.