Unity 5.x Cookbook, by Matt Smith &Chico Queiroz

Late last week, I knew I was going to issue a challenge to one of my Graduates. She was looking at making a shift in her path as a Developer, transitioning from Full-Stack Javascript over to PHP and WordPress. To do this, she was going to need to do a ton of self study to get to a point where she could be an effective WordPress Developer. She rocks as a Full Stack developer, but anytime you want to switch languages like that, some focus and study is needed.

I wanted to ‘challenge’ her a little. I laid out a path for WordPress and PHP for her to study, giving her a schedule to adhere to, as well as I would be on the look out for daily check ins into GitHub. Then to encapsulate that experience into a personal blog where she talks about the process of learning. Then it got me thinking I should practice what I preach. So here I am, not so much learning WordPress, but plugging back into Unity, which I have taken a couple years off from.

PacktPub has a great deal this week on Unity Books, so I picked up a couple and started to dive in. The goal for me, is like my graduate, to make progress each day into learning new things. Make daily commits, and update a website. My goal for this site is to talk about the process, what I am learning, and show examples.

So here I am. I am one (significant) chapter into “Unity 5.x Cookbook” and am loving the experience. I now have 14 Unity project examples from the book on my GitHub and I am really looking forward to getting into the next chapter.

The first chapter was an awesome intro to a lot of the GUI elements that Untiy has to offer, as well as exploring a variety of other ‘odds and ends’ concepts like 3rd party created packages for Unity, like ‘Fungus‘. Overall, its been an awesome book to ‘get back into Unity’, as a lot of the concepts get straight into the ‘meat’ of what is being taught. My only critique, and certainly not a negative, just a general thought, is that it is clearly not for beginners. It assumes that you can get around Unity’s interface, as it simply tells you to ‘go to this menu, and add a component’. Which as a newbie, you might ask questions like “Where is that menu? Whats a component and how do I add one?”

I learned a ton about the UI components within Unity, which has been a nice transition having been doing Web Development primarily for the past two years. It was a side of Unity that has been updated since my last foray into it, and not one that I explored in depth while I was previously working with it. You can check out the projects here if you are interested, but you will need Unity to open them up. I will get WebGL versions up on this site soon here so that I can tinker with posting it for the public.

In any case, I am loving the book. Loving PacktPub’s platform. And am loving the challenge. Very much looking forward to continuing to talk about the experience.