Took down another chapter in the Unity 5.x Cookbook, so I thought I would check in. This chapter dug into Unity’s UI Tools, giving solution to common inventory display scenarios. It even covered a bit of Dictionaries which was neat to see. Having come from Javascript Full Stack and Actionscript, I did not get a chance to get into some of the more specific Data Structures. So while I am picking up C# super quick given my Object Orientated background, something new was appreciated.

I also dug that the author tucked in a little MVC (Model View Controller) into a couple of the chapters. Overall, the chapter was a bit of a crawl, but I am SUPER looking forward to the next chapter, which covers animation. As mentioned before, I have a heavy Actionscript (Flash) background, so getting into some of the tools that ‘replace’ what I would have done in Flash is very exciting.

Additionally, I am super excited to check out Unity’s new tools for Sprites (back in Unity 4) as I have been deep diving into Pixel Art outside of programming. The whole experience this past week has been super great in getting me re-engaged in Learning. Developing out my own chops have been kind of on hold as we have been teaching at Prime Academy. Its pretty great to be back in the learner seat a bit, it helps put ‘struggling with code’ in perspective and makes me want to jump in and help where I can on campus.

Next time I am hoping to provide some screenshots of pixel hotness, so check back in the next couple of days.